Phone: +7 (495) 789-3777
Address: 6, 2nd Irtyshskiy Proezd, 107143, Moscow, Russia
E-mail: commerce@ezois.ru
Web: http://ezois.ru
Country: Russia

EZOIS is the leader in the field of designing and manufacture of small-sized block complete transformer power stations in a ferro-concrete shell with internal service on 6, 10, 20 / 0,4—0,23 кV and transformers power from 25 up to 1250 кVА, for all regions under the standard and individual projects; releases small-sized high-voltage switching centres on 6, 10, 20 кV and rated current 630 A and low-voltage distributing boards with vertical layout of phases on fuses with switches of a load on input on rated currents 1200 A, 1800 A and 2400 А.