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Phone: +34 (93) 405-07-25
Address: Avda. Diagonal, 477, 12º A Barcelona, Spain
E-mail: export@afme.es
Web: http://www.afme.es
Country: Spain
AFME Association of Spanish Electrical Equipment Manufacturers. MATELEC Exhibition of Electrical Equipment (Madrid, 13th 16th November 2018). URIARTE SAFYBOX Spanish manufacturer of GRP cabi...


Phone: +7 (495) 781-5953
Address: Bldg. 23, 3, Kolodezny Pereulok, 107076, Moscow, Russia
E-mail: inf@ak-el.ru
Web: http://www.ak-el.ru
Country: Russia
Aktuelle Electrotechnik provides a full range of components for turnkey solutions in the energy sector. We supply products manufactured in Europe.


Phone: +7 (495) 775-7152
Address: Bldg. 1, 3, Vasiliya Petushkova Str., Moscow, Russia
E-mail: kutin@allur-electro.ru
Web: http://allur-electro.ru
Country: Russia
Wholesale of electrical, lighting and mounting equipment. Procurement for construction and repair facilities.


Phone: +7 (812) 702-4763
Address: 4/2, Smolyachkova Str., 194044, Saint Petersburg, Russia
E-mail: commercial@alsrussia.com
Web: http://www.alsrussia.com
Country: Russia
Supply of equipment, technical consulting, development of turnkey production. Exclusive distributor of Sincro generators (Italy) in Russia. Albert Maier's partner transformer accessories manufacture...


Address: China
E-mail: 184904@expocentr.ru
Country: China
Bldg. 1, Grinvud Business Park, 72th km of MKAD, p/o Putilkovo, Krasnogorsk District, Moscow Region, 143441, Russia TEL +7 (495) 995-3705 E-mail: andelirussia@hotmail.com Internet: http://andeliele...


Phone: +7 (499) 677-6506
Address: Office 218, 132A, Korochanskaya Str., Belgorod, Russia
E-mail: sales@aprofixing.com
Web: http://www.aprofixing.com
Country: Russia
APRO SYSTEMS company speialises in the production of fixing systems and fasteners: cable nylon and steel clamps, PVC tape, metal hose clamps, heat-shrinkable tubes.


Phone: +7 (4932) 34-56-77, 93-71-71
Address: 26, Komsomol'skaya Str., 153002, Ivanovo, Russia
E-mail: post@argoivanovo.ru
Web: http://www.argoivanovo.ru
Country: Russia
Development and installation of Smart Metering Systems (accounting of power, gas, water, heat consumption, etc.). Apartment heat counters. Quantum thermal control system. Outdoor lighting control. Sol...


Phone: +7 (495) 925-3311, 741-4411
Address: Fonvizina Str., 5, 2nd Floor (Timiryazevskaya Metro Station), 127322, Moscow, Russia
E-mail: asd-imex@asdcompany.ru
Web: http://www.asdcompany.ru
Country: Russia
Since 1998, ASD has been working as a supplier of Aviora, Sekunda and Paterra trademarks in the markets of Russia and the CIS. Thanks to innovation on the one hand and commitment to traditions on the ...


Phone: +7 (35159) 3-09-32
Address: 9, Mira Str., 456010, Asha, Chelyabinsk Region, Russia
E-mail: sv@amet.ru
Web: http://www.amet.ru
Country: Russia
Cores of amorphous alloys and electrical steel. Cold rolled electrical isotropic and anisotropic steel strip. Cold rolled steel strip for alkaline batteries.


Phone: +7 (812) 321-6359
Address: 72, Kondrat'evskiy Prospekt, 195271, Saint Petersburg, Russia
E-mail: asm@asm-spb.ru
Web: http://www.avangard.org
Country: Russia
Development and production of the devices that improve the quality, reliability and continuity of power supply, as well as the smart control systems for nuclear and energy complexes.