04 / 05 / 2017

In the period from April 17 to April 18, 2017, the second All-Russian Congress "Electrical Installation 2017: Innovative Development Technologies" was held within the framework of the show Electro 2017.

This year, like last year, the Congress is a business site of the Second Corporate Championship of Young Professionals (Worldskills) for competence in "electric wiring" organized by the Russian electrical equipment manufacturer – Group of Companies IEK. The business program operator is the International Center for Support and Development of Industrial Enterprises (MTsPP).

Day 1.

The ceremony of opening the complex of events was attended by R.N. Urazov, General Director of the Union “Young Professionals (Worldskills Russia), I.A. Ananskikh, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma for Energy, and P.F. Nekrasov, Head of the Group of Companies IEK.

In their welcoming speeches, they noted the importance and necessity of holding events of similar formats and wished fair struggle and fruitful discussion to the competitions participants and the conference delegates.

On the competition site, teams - participants from near and far regions of the Russian Federation were represented. Absolutely different companies representing different sectors of industry fulfilled the same task: 12 employees of the largest industrial enterprises of Russia: Evraz, Group GAZ, Norilsk Nickel, Rosneft, Yamalkommunenergo, Production Association “Mayak” (SC “Rosatom”), Moscow Drive Equipment Plant. 

The panel of judges included certified experts of the Union "Young Professionals", employees of industrial companies, representatives of the Group of Companies IEK, and representatives of the subsidiaries of PJSC "Rosseti".

Also, on the championship site, a presentation of the new competence of Worldskills "Operation of Cable Power Lines" announced by PJSC "Rosseti" took place.

During 3 days in the presentation competence area​​, a demonstration installation of elastomeric cable fittings for voltage of 20 kV was made by cable specialists of PJSC "MOESK". This type of fittings will be the subject of the competition of cable operators of PJSC "Rosset", which will be held in Penza in July. The installation was inspected by representatives of PJSC "MOESK", PJSC "Lenenergo", PJSC "IDGC of the Volga River", PJSC "FGC UES".

In addition to the competitions and the business program, the "Technology and Innovation Zone" (TrySkills site) was presented to the show visitors for the first time within the framework of the Congress “Electric Wiring”, the Worldskills Championship.

The "Try Skill" zone is a place where every visitor of the championship can try his hand at the profession. Simulators showing operation of the Automatic system for commercial accounting of power consumption (ASKUE) manufactured using IEK equipment, and an automatic system operating the engine and the lighting system manufactured using ONI equipment were presented here.

A separate place in the "Technology and Innovation Zone" was allocated to cable products manufacturers - the company "Orel Cable" and the company "Alroc".

Opening of the second All-Russian Congress "Electrical Installation 2017: Innovative Development Technologies" took place with the participation in the Plenary Meeting of representatives of legislative and executive authorities, party organizations, and major business companies.

Plenary session titled:

"Professionalism of the electrician as a guarantee of safety of the life of people and a whole region”.

Welcoming words to the conference participants were addressed by:

I.A. Ananskikh, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Energy;

V.Ya. Yurteev, Executive Secretary of the RUIE Industrial Policy Committee;

O.Yu. Kudinov, Deputy Head of the Interregional Territorial Administration of the Federal Service of Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision (Rostekhnadzor);

S.V. Fedorova, Deputy Director for Science, UMMC-Holding University;

Olga Valli, Development Director of Alroc;

A.V. Fenev, Head of the International Center for Support and Development of Industrial Enterprises.

Welcoming words immediately set the tone to a hot discussion about changing the status of the Rules for electrical plants installation, which currently is recommendatory, since the document was not registered with the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. Issues related to the policy of procurement of companies with different equity shares of the state, support of domestic producers and, of course, state standards and technical specifications were also discussed lively.

I.A. Ananskikh together with his colleagues from the presidium answered in detail questions from the audience. The deputy accepted a number of proposals for review, wished successful work to the congress participants and asked for detailed results of the event and legislative proposals on the improvement of the situation in the industry.

O.Yu. Kudinov voiced the policy of Rostekhnadzor and explained that RUIE has always been recommendatory, but for Rostekhnadzor this is a binding document because it is a part of requirements of the Rules for Technical Operation of Power Plants and Networks, the Rules for Technical Operation of Consumer Electrical Plants and other safety rules related to operation of heat- and power facilities.

Also, there was a discussion about applicable regulatory and technical documents, work production plans, lack of expertise and complete instructions to documents passports.

S.V. Fedorova, Deputy Director for Science of UMMC-Holding University, told about the attention paid by the Holding to training, and V.Ya. Yurteev noted the importance of developing professional skills of both young people and adult employees of large companies.

Also, the plenary session included presentations by E.A. Popov, Manager on Relations with Suppliers of the movement of the Union "Young Professionals” (Worldskills), who talked about the level of training through championships of cross-industry professions, and by P.F.Nekrasov (GC IEK) that talked about formation of the construction electrician profession in Russia.

The discussion participants noted that it is development of the profession itself, as well as introduction and careful monitoring of standards that give guarantees for the speedy and efficient improvement of the quality of products manufactured by Russian enterprises.

After a short break, the Congress participants were divided into two sections titled "Personnel training and labor protection" and "Electrical installation works, safe supply of Russia's infrastructure”.

Moderator of the section "Personnel training and labor protection" was V.A.Ankudinova, Head of the Directorate for Regulation of Occupational Safety in the Electric Power Industry of the Association of Electric Power Employers. She also made a review of industrial injuries in the electric power industry of the Russian Federation on the basis of information-analytical materials of the Federal Service for Employment and Labor Relations (Rostrud), Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat), Ministry of Energy of Russia, and Federal Service of Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision (Rostekhnadzor).

Over the past 10 years in Russia there has been a steady decline in overall occupational injuries and deaths at workplaces, the number of accidents with severe consequences has halved.

S.V. Fedorova, Deputy Director for Science at UMMC-Holding University, spoke about a unique laboratory with 3D simulators, and D.A. Zotov, Head of Department of Automation, Electrification and Communication of the Private Professional Educational Establishment "Gazprom College Volgograd", spoke about specifics of training and retraining of employees at the educational institution of PJSC "Gazprom”.

The speakers also included E.N. Fadeeva, Director of the Department of the Association "National Association of Builders", who spoke about SRO standards and labor safety tools in construction, and

A.V. Pichuev, Associate Professor of the National Research Technological University "MISiS", who spoke about electrical safety management systems at enterprises.

The discussion was about qualification and training of personnel, federal and regional programs for training of young professionals. The participants spoke about the necessity and importance of such meetings at federal sites and about the speedy resolution of professional issues.

An equally interesting section on the topic: “Electrical installation works, safe supply of Russia's infrastructure” took place in the adjacent conference room.

The participants shared their experience and technologies of performance of electric installation works in electro-network companies. Issues of construction control during electric installation works were voiced by G.R. Titova, Associate Professor of the Federal State Budget-Funded Educational Establishment of Higher Professional Education "National Research University “MEI”.

D.G.Shamanov, Director of Regional Sales of OOO “Ensto Rus”, shared a unique technology for connecting medium voltage users without disconnecting of the supply line. This technology raised a heated discussion and interested the event participants.

Requirements to regulatory documents in the design of power supply systems and electrical plants were explained by E.B. Kamenskaya, State Inspector of Energy Supervision of the Central Administration of Rostekhnadzor.

I.D. Kizerov, Head of the Production and Technical Service of PJSC "SUENKO", shared basic principles of the choice of equipment and power plants in companies with state participation.

Underground block complex transformer substations produced by ZAO "EZOIS", capable of expanding the usable space in compressed urban conditions, were also evaluated by the participants in the discussion. A.V. Sidorov, Director of the Department of Technical Development, spoke about specifics of their work, production and technical characteristics.

Day 2.

The second day of the Congress began with the section titled "Assembly and installation of electrical equipment, diagnostics and service".

Manager of the Center "Energetika" of LLC "SIBUR" D.V. Vladimirov voiced one of the most urgent questions to the manufacturers of electrical products. It was about intervals between repairs and frequency of maintenance.

He told about cooperation with manufacturers to change an approach to MRO of electrical equipment and about installation of equipment with a regulated period of subsequent maintenance (in the passport or operating manual).

The discussion was continued by an equally interesting speaker from JSC “Norilsk-Taimyr Energy Company” who spoke about specifics of electrical works performance in the extreme north, and replacement of high-voltage bushings of closed distribution unit ZRU-110kV at CHPP-2 of JSC NTEC.

Alexey Pilyugin, Leading Chief Engineer of SHV-Service of the company “Izolyator” made a presentation about monitoring of the state of high-voltage equipment using a method of online interaction between the manufacturer and the consumer. He noted that the "Izolyator" plant is implementing an automated information system, the database of which will contain all information about high-voltage bushing. That is, any operating organization will be able to have a direct connection with the manufacturer, which will allow for taking decisions when operating the bushings as quickly as possible and competently.

Representatives of the French company Alroc shared their researches in the field of unevenness and electric field strength during installation of cable lines. Olga Valli, Alroc Development Director, not only identified this issue, but also demonstrated a tool capable of securing the work and improving the quality of electrical installation works by way of using their company tools.

V.I. Berman, Executive Director of the Association Roselektromontazh, told about improvement of the quality of installation of 6-35 kV cable fittings, and L.E. Fedorov, General Director of LLC "Electroproekt-1", told about the innovative method of cable lines installation and creation of electrical equipment for electric power transmission and distribution when performing electrical installation works. 

Following the discussion completion, a special field session was held at the "Izolyator" plant. During the familiarization tour of the plant, the Congress participants got acquainted with innovative design developments and main stages of production of high-voltage bushings, including a unique technology for manufacturing of high-voltage bushings with RIP insulation, and asked the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company "Izolyator" A.Z. Slavinsky questions. For the second consecutive year, the company "Izolyator" acts as the Congress partner.

Meanwhile, the French company Alroc showed specifics of working with its tool on the TrySkills site. Quality of the tool and the ease of handling it were evaluated by specialists of PJSC "Lenenergo" and PJSC "MOESK".

The next event of the Congress program was the section titled "Electrical Installation at Industrial Enterprises and Important Facilities".

The first presentation was made by E.S. Moseev, Electrical Safety Manager of the Department of HSE & CD, Office for Production Control and Audit of PJSC “Gazprom Neft”. He made an analysis of lethal electro-traumatic cases and voiced the objectives of electrical safety inspection. He also mentioned urgent issues related to control over contracting organizations, and measures to influence them.  

D.V.Ptashinsky, Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC "Zavod Energokabel”, supported the discussion and noted an importance of the quality and safety of cable and wire products. He told in detail about Federal Law No. 184, "On Technical Regulation", technical regulations of the Customs Union and certificates of products conformity, state standards and technical specifications, as well as liability for failure to comply with these requirements.

A.S. Evstafyev told about establishment of efficient contacts between those who are engaged in electric installation works at important facilities. He identified challenges faced by the customer, and issues faced by the manufacturer, and gave examples of successful interaction.

The next speaker - S.V. Syromyatnikov, Head of the Installation Techniques Section of the Technical Department of LLC “JSC Corporation Elektrosevkavmontazh” - presented to the audience an automated system for accounting for cable laying and marking at thermal and nuclear power plants.

All questions and presentations that sounded at the Congress, boiled down exclusively to the issues of "domestic producer support."

It was this very heated and frank discussion that was saved for the participants for last. The discussion was started by V.Ya. Poletaev, Executive Secretary of the Industrial Policy Committee of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, when he made a presentation on the production industry 3.0 and 4.0. What awaits us tomorrow?   

Deputy Chief Engineer of LLC "RZKK" S.O. Romakhin shared work experience of the Russian manufacturer in the current economic and political situation.

A.V. Khokhlov, Leading Expert of the Operation Department of JSC "RusHydro" told about challenging issues associated with the use of Russian-made equipment. He also reminded about the importance of the quality of electrical installation works at the electric power industry enterprises.

LLC "Phoenix Contact Rus" told about creation of a regional center "Phoenix Contact" on the development of components and devices for the domestic industry in accordance with the requirements of Russian customers. A.S. Ryabchinsky, Manager of the regional development center LLC "Phoenix Contact Rus", I.Yu. Poletaev, General Director of GC “Elektra”, shared experience of electric installation works performance in the United States, and compared the works with specifics of work in the Russian conditions.

In general, all participants in discussions of the events program of the Congress "Electromontazh 2017" reached an understanding in matters of procurement activities, and identified conditions and requirements to Russian companies in the general policy of import substitution.

Participants in the discussion exchanged contact information, opinions and developments in general issues, acquired new clients and customers, and shared information for a more fruitful development of relations between all participants of the electrical technical market of the Russian Federation.

All proposals on improvement of interaction between producers and consumers were transferred to the Committee on Energy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

The organizing committee expresses gratitude to all participants of the congress. We thank speakers for their detailed and informative presentations, and extend special thanks to the companies and speakers that came from remote corners of the Russian Federation specifically to attend the Congress.



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