Exhibitor feedback

Dmitry Avtaikin, Director General, Inject RME

For us Photonics is a key event in the Russian laser industry. Here we showcase our achievements over the previous year. We learn about the latest trends and identify our future development.
Photonics allows us to expand the range of our partners and strengthen long-standing relations.
Being a leading Russian manufacturer of diode lasers, Inject RME pays much attention to the quality of their products. Here at the trade show we can compare them with similar products of other companies and get feedback from customers. It is pleasant that this year we got two certificates from the Russian Laser Association for our products.
At Photonics 2019 we have brought some new developments which attracted the attention of the visitors to our stand. We managed to conduct many new negotiations allowing to count on receiving of major orders.
Representatives of our company usually take part in the Photonics supporting program and give talks at conferences. It is important for us to be aware of key trends, share our best practices, and stay a leading company in the industry.

Maksim Mishin, Account Manager, Mitutoyo Rus

Our company is engaged in manufacturing and selling of Japanese production equipment. Weve made our debut at the trade show. We started attending Photonics as a visitor three years ago to consider the opportunity of participation. Last year we took the decision and this year weve built our own stand. We are satisfied with everything.
We are satisfied with the number of visitors. Our company is not specialised in lasers and optics; our main trade show is Metalloobrabotka. Photonics is a specific trade show where manufacturers of optical equipment are presented and it is just one of our areas.
I think we will participate next year. Probably, we will present a more large-size equipment and make a bigger stand.

Konstantin Krivetsky, Head of Research Department, EssentOptics (Belarus)

Our company is located in Minsk. We make spectrophotometers for optical instruments. We come to Photonics every year. The trade show management is at a high level both last year and this year.
People interested in our products purposefully attend the trade show. We emailed invitations to our long standing partners in advance.
We plan to participate in Photonics in the future. It is necessary to regularly maintain your status.

Larisa Bessalaya, Purchasing Manager, Geomatics Centre

We have participated in the trade show from the very beginning. Our company is engaged in laser scanners and systems integrated on their basis. It is a portable system which can be fixed in backpacks for land surveyors, foresters, and other specialists. It can also be fixed on moving objects such as cars and trucks. There are structures for drones for laser 3D aerial survey, for example, transmission grids, pipelines, etc.
There are many applications. Some of them were prompted by the Photonics visitors.
We are more than satisfied with the number of visitors at the trade show. We network non-stop, give information, and answer questions.
It is our main trade show. Of course, we are going to take part in it in the future.

Sergey Gaponenko, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus, Chairman of the Optics and Lasers Association of the Republic of Belarus

Photonics is a bright beam in a variety of state-of-the-art technologies showing wider community how high science generates high technologies. The trade show has long overstepped the boundaries of a typical commercial and industrial event to turn into a major forum for scientific, technological and commercial partnerships of industry specialists from different countries, the Eurasian region, first of all. Over a dozen of countries at one trade show is a powerful claim to turning Photonics into a large-scale event at Eurasian scale. We are glad at an ever-growing number of exhibitors whose number has reached almost 200 companies, and an action-packed supporting program (the highlight of the trade show, for sure) turning our meetings at Photonics into an effective platform for discussions and presentation of the latest concepts and their application in optical and laser instrument making and for cooperation of businessmen, researchers, and manufacturers. I am pleased to note a growing number of Belarus companies operating in the market of laser and optical technology. This year Belarus is represented by 13 participating companies, among them Stepanov Institute of Physics, and the companies which were established back in the Soviet period (BelOMO, Optic Plant, Diaprojector, Optical Machine Tool Building and Vacuum Plants, Smorgon Optical Machine-Tools Plant) and rapidly developing major private companies (SOL instruments, SOLAR Laser Systems, Lotis TII), and quite young growth points (Laserscom, EssentOptics, etc.). By the number of exhibitors, Belarus has become the third largest after Russia and China. Being a representative of the Optics and Lasers Scientific and Technical Association, I am particularly pleased to note that.

Sergey Rodin, Deputy Director General for Marketing and Sales, ATC-Semiconductor Devices, St. Petersburg

We have participated in the Photonics exhibition for many years. Probably, since the time it was first held. If to look at the dynamics of the exhibition, it is certainly positive. If to look at the last two or three years, the level of the Photonics exhibition has remained the same. The aim of participation in the exhibition is to show oneself because it is the only trade show for laser specialists in Russia; there is no other alternative. Over the years we have participated in this event, everyone knows us and we know everyone. Thats why, probably, the key task is to show that we exist and to demonstrate our new products to the people. I mean, this trade show is a platform for negotiations and a great opportunity to collect information not bit by bit but gain it first hand.

Denis Ponkratyev, Marketing and Advertising Manager, T8, Moscow

This year we have built our own stand for the first time. Before that we have participated as part of the Skolkovo group stand for two years. This year we decided to present our new developments components for optical telecommunication network. Amazingly but here weve found some contacts which will help us develop our technologies and replace some components for Russian ones. We hope to develop our contacts.
There are quite a lot of visitors. They are our regular customers who know us well by our telecom equipment and they are interested in our new developments in this field. There are also newcomers and I hope, our customers in the future, who would like to implement our developments in their projects. I am glad that the majority of visitors are the industry experts who understand well what they want.
I would like to thank the organisers of the trade show. The exhibition is great.

Anna Tsygantsova, Deputy Director General, Lasers and Apparatus TM

Our company Lasers and Apparatus develops and manufactures industrial laser equipment. We have operated in the market over 20 years. We have participated in the trade show since its launch. All changes at Photonics are happening before our eyes.
We like the way Photonics is changing. Earlier it was a kind of party. Today it is a really good trade show attended by many industry experts and customers who are searching for real solutions to real challenges.
At the exhibition we can show possible application of laser technology, the exposition is widening. If earlier there were mostly Russian manufacturers, nowadays customers come with specific tasks. There are more and more of them at the trade show.
We are satisfied with target audience. We have had more than a hundred of contacts at the stand. The number is large enough for us. We plan to participate in the trade show next year.