Unitronics to make Russian premiere with innovative solutions for trusted automation

12 / 02 / 2020

Unitronics is a leading innovative company offering integrated control and automation solutions. For the past 20 years, Unitronics controllers have been used by various industries in Russia and the CIS.
The companys stand 22D01 will present advanced control and automation solutions ranging from micro-PLC + HMI for controlling simple equipment to high-performance multifunctional controllers with a great variety of built-in and remote I/O modules, supporting the Industry 4.0 strategy.

Easy-to-use, effective, and affordable controllers have been used to automate any processes and equipment since 1989. Our time-tested solutions have helped start up hundreds of thousands of installations in various industrial sectors, including energy, gas, oil, construction, food, and pharmaceutical industries, the housing and public utility sector, and infrastructure, wherever automated processes are necessary.
Unitronics has been selling its products directly in Israel since 2019. The company opened its office in Russia in the same year. Company products are also available via distributors.
Unitronics benefits:

  • Full Product Range: PLC + HMI controllers, I/Os, and VFDs to meet all application needs. All software and utilities are provided at no additional charge.
  • All-in-One Software: Configure and program PLC, HMI, VFD, and all other components in one easy environment.
  • Industry 4.0: SNMP, FTP, e-mail, SMS, GPRS/GSM, Remote Access via VNC Client / built-in Webserver, SQL & MQTT.
  • Rich Features: Auto-tuned PID, data logging, Recipes, HMI Trends & Gauges, Alarms, multi-level passwords, multi-language support, Datacom via CANopen, CAN Layer2, MODBUS, EtherNetIP and more.
  • Outstanding Support: Unitronics exceeds the industry standard for customer care. You benefit from personalized, expert sales and technical support without fees or tiers.
  • Customized Solutions: Products tailored-made according to specifications.
  • Flexible controller configuration of inputs/outputs and communications and visualization: without a panel, with an integrated panel, with a remote panel, or with a virtual panel.
  • Operation under subzero temperatures.
  • Award-winning market leader.