Meet innovative products by NPK Avtopribor OOO at Elektro 2020 International Exhibition for Electrical Equipment

13 / 03 / 2020

NPK Avtopribor OOO is Russias largest research and manufacturing complex for the production of various electrical equipment and components. The enterprise is located in the city of Vladimir. In 1932 it was the pilot domestic works for automotive instruments. Back then, the enterprise helped the country to overcome the dependency on the import of foreign-made instrumentation for the first models of Soviet automotive vehicles produced in Moscow, Gorky and Yaroslavl. Today, it is a large production facility manufacturing over 500 types of products for different purposes. The enterprise employs over 1,000 people.

For the time being, Avtopribor is being revamped on a large scale along with the introduction of new innovative process techniques. The range of the manufactured products grows along with their continuously improved quality. In 2019 alone, total investment in the enterprise development reached RUB 1.5 billion.

NPK Avtopribor is fitted out with smart equipment and manufacturing lines made in Russia, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, the UK and China. In accordance with the strategy of the enterprise, the life cycles of the products are completely coordinated: from idea and engineering to the mass-scale manufacturing of finished products.

At Elektro 2020 NPK Avtopribor OOO will present at Stand 2130 the following products:

DC motors and gear-motors 1224 VDC with up to 120 Nm output torque
cabling items of different types, electrical heaters for different purposes
APLED lighting fixtures of different types, sizes and applications: from industrial facilities to speedways, etc.
measurement and power transformers, including oil-filled
synchronous and asynchronous AC motors

A distinctive feature of the equipment manufactured by NPK Avtopribor is wide use of a variety of amorphous alloys as core materials. It allows for definite reduction of idle run losses and for sufficiently increased efficiency of the electrical equipment.

The main advantages of the new electrical equipment are inherent to its design. The design is focused on generation of symmetrical magnetic fields. Numerous tests of products by NPK Avtopribor have demonstrated that the use of an amorphous alloy in a magnetic core prevents its heating by more than 30 degrees at a rated load.

For a long time, the sophisticated manufacturing process of transformers with amorphous alloy cores had been a barrier on the way of their production. Recently, NPK Avtopribor OOO has launched mass-scale production of amorphous alloy band. In addition, the enterprise is now developing a brand-new range of new energy-efficient transformers. Also, the works in Vladimir has mastered a new method of use of amorphous alloys for manufacturing of heating equipment.


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