Elektro 2021: Smart Lighting for Smart City

08 / 06 / 2021

A whole range of issues and problems related to the development of lighting technology was covered today at the conference Smart Lighting for Smart City. It was held at Expocentre Fairgrounds during the Customer Day at Elektro 2021, the International Exhibition for Electrical Equipment, Lighting Engineering and Building Automation.

Conference moderator Sergey Torbeev from the Association of Manufacturers of LEDs noted that the broad concept of "smart city" includes intelligent transport systems, video surveillance, video analytics, security systems and more. At the same time, an intelligent lighting system is an integral part of a smart city.

Already now, smart lighting saves resources, and not just energy. It also brings even greater savings on maintenance and increases the level of safety and visual comfort for city dwellers. With the advent of smart lighting systems, it is now possible to use some lighting scenarios in park areas and residential areas, while on highways, in central urban areas, and in squares, other lighting scenarios with different light temperatures are possible, the expert explained.            

The presentations at the conference analysed the concept of a citys unified lighting environment. There was a substantive exchange of views on digitalisation and application of artificial intelligence in lighting technology. A separate block of discussion included wireless technologies in street and tunnel lighting control systems, urban lighting control systems, improving the energy efficiency of road lighting and its safety level, and the use of smart power supplies to control street lighting.

Within the Customer Day there was also a focus session on Competitive Bidding: Development Drivers devoted to procurement trends in the electric power industry. The audience was introduced to the changes to the rules for competitive procurement in electronic form. Procurement systems in power grid companies, the procedure for pre-qualifying participants when selecting contractors, and other pressing practical issues were discussed.

The Interelectromash Association held a conference on Forward Looking Projects and Development Trends for Electrical Machines and Insulation Materials, while CHINT and the Development Corporation of Belgorod held a conference on Prospects for Investments in Renewable Energy Facilities. 

As part of the Customer Day, a workshop was also organised to train customers and suppliers on the rules and practices for conducting and participating in e-procurement in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Act of 18 July 2011.

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO