Customer Day at Elektro 2023

07 / 06 / 2023

The conference programme for the second day of Elektro 2023 focused on the needs of customers of a wide variety of electrical equipment.

The Purchasing Centre hosted some representatives of backbone companies, such as Inter UES, Siberian Generating Company, Transenergo (a branch of Russian Railways), Lukoil-Energoseti, Atomenergoremont, Zarubezhneft and many others.  

The Test Session on Effective Procurement was led by Olga Kanenkova, President at the Association of Procurement and Purchasing Managers of Russia.

She said in particular, For quite some time now, the competitiveness of a company has been driven by the competitiveness of its supply chain. Therefore, the role of procurement, as an overall supply chain, is very important, and the trends in top managers' expectations of procurement remain unchanged. These are cost reduction, process simplification, time savings, flexibility, innovation, responsiveness, helping the company grow revenue, risk reduction, and social responsibility. But the emphasis has shifted. The importance of the cost reduction indicator has fallen, but the simplify processes and save time indicators have begun to get a lot of focus from shareholders, business and commercial directors. Responsiveness and flexibility are now what all procurement decision-making processes are focused on.

Head at Zarubezhneft's Electric Power Division Azat Shamsutdinov stated in his presentation that the trends that have emerged in the market are aimed at replacing specific positions. This situation limits the possibilities to find suppliers. This is quite a long and complicated job to find new suppliers and new equipment. This trend makes it difficult for us to choose equipment, technologies and new products, stressed the representative of Zarubezhneft.

Azat Shamsutdinov concluded his presentation by saying that his company strives to work with suppliers promptly, trying to respond quickly to all their requests.

The test session was also attended by Sergey Krasnovsky, Head of the Procurement Department at Transenergo (a branch of Russian Railways), Georgy Rudenko, Deputy Head of the Procurement Service at LOESK, Marina Ikkes, Head of the Competitive Procedures Department at Siberian Generating Company, and other representatives of consumers of electrical products.

A large number of reports and presentations for visitors to Elektro 2023 were made at the Conferences on Technology Independence in the New Realities and on Power Supply for Industrial, Civil and Residential Facilities.

In addition, the conference programme featured speed-dating meetings between customers and suppliers. There was also an award ceremony for the winners of the Purchasing Leader. ELEKTRO awards.

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO