Engineer Day took place at Elektro 2023

08 / 06 / 2023

Today, the Elektro 2023 conference programme focused on the design of different electrical equipment.

The traditional Got Contact! quest allowed to get acquainted with the latest wiring products and tools presented at the exhibition, try out equipment from leading manufacturers, talk directly to their representatives, and get valuable prizes as a bonus.

The hackathon for choosing the best equipment for an electrical project in the context of a major reorientation of the Russian market attracted a large audience. The presentation by Andrey Murylev, Head of Design Institutes Team at Systeme Electric, on the successful localisation of world-class production in Russia attracted everyone's attention.

After Schneider Electric left the Russian market, it was Systeme Electric that inherited the assets of the departing company under a new brand.

We do not do parallel imports, stressed the speaker. We are manufacturing our own equipment under the Systeme Electric brand. A good local foundation created in Russia in previous years has helped us a lot in this. We have designers who provide design. The localisation at our factories is up to 99%. Everything is made from Russian raw materials. About 300 million electrical installation products are sold per year.

Andrey Murylev also spoke about the work of Systeme Electric's Innovation Centre, which develops and integrates SCADA systems, various software and digital twins for automation of engineering systems of buildings, data centres, and various industrial production facilities. We use a Russian core, Russian code that adapts to tasks, we can install software products on both Windows and Lincs like systems, explained Mr. Murylev.

The hackathon included a presentation on the design, installation and operation of lightning protection systems and elements, which aroused great interest among those present. It was made by General Director at ELEKTRA Ilya Poletaev.  

Engineer Day continued with the Technical Session on Digital Design: Software Solutions for Engineering Problems, dedicated to modern Russian information design technologies for power supply systems.  

Various aspects of working with BIM technologies were covered in presentations by BIM Manager at IEK GROUP Vladislav Sozutov, Deputy General Director for Sales and Development at SOEMI Sergey Gridasov, and his colleague Head of Project Department at the same company Egor Grishkovets, and Project Manager at Nanosoft Development Dmitry Shchurov.

Engineer Day also featured interesting master classes on the practical installation of electrical equipment in private houses.

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO