Press Release Elektro 2021

31 / 05 / 2021

Elektro 2021
29th International Exhibition for Electrical Equipment, Lighting Engineering and Building Automation
710 June 2021

Elektro is a main electrical trade show in Russia and the CIS countries. It is named Russias best exhibition in all nominations in the Electrical Engineering category (see the Russian National Exhibition Rating). Elektro attracts the attention of professionals and industry experts, and has a unique target audience. According to social surveys, 93% of the visitors generate new business contacts, 88% come to the show to find new suppliers for purchasing, and 60% attend it regularly. 

This project with almost half a century of history has survived the various stages of our society's transformation. Last year, due to the pandemic, Electro had to be cancelled. Of course, every experience is useful but going online only justifies itself under forced circumstances. Communication is vital for our lives, and it needs to be face to face. 

This year, despite the worldwide pandemic related restrictions, the 2021 Elektro edition managed to bring together an impressive group of exhibitors and turned out to be a very interesting event.

Dates: 710 June 2021

Venue: Pavilion No.2 (Halls 1, 2), EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia

Opening hours: 10.0018.00 on June 79, 10.0016.00 on June 10  

Organised by EXPOCENTRE AO

Under auspices of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Exhibition area: about 12,000 gross sq m

Exhibitors: 158 companies

Countries: 13 (Austria, Belarus, China, France, Germany, Italy, Moldova, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, South Korea, Spain, Turkey)

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Show highlights 

Elektro has changed over the past year. In particular, some exhibitors who skipped the previous editions have returned. There are also newcomers: Avtopribor, Absolute Technology, Rexant, ETK Engard, KM-Profil, Universalnye Sistemy, Morsvyazavtomatica, Sofrino Metalworking Plant, and many others. 

This year, there are more companies from Turkey, including EAE Elektrik, TP Elektrik, Sem Transformator, Enel Enerji, KLS Plast, and ZM Group. The Turkey pavilion occupies about 250 sq m. The Economy Ministry of the Slovak Republic arranges a group stand with eight companies. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the participation of some foreign companies has been a very complicated issue. Not all will be able to attend the exhibition. Their products will be showcased by their Russian partners.

That is why, this year's Elektro aims to demonstrate the real state and potential of the Russian electrical market.

Conference programme 

Elektro 2021 offers a rich conference programme with a number of important industry related events. A unique business atmosphere gives every opportunity to join a professional audience and share expert opinions. 

The year 2021 has been declared the Year of Science and Technology in Russia. It is the first time that science has become a key national priority. Active research, developments and introductions are a standard of the digital age and are in line with global trends. 

June 7: Day of Science and Technology will open the conference programme of Elektro 2021. The Centre of the National Technology Initiative will serve as a networking platform for contacting companies that are major customers of electrical products. The Orientation Session on Managing Innovations: Transformations Based on Knowledge-Intensive Technologies will be devoted to innovative transformations in the electric power sector. Another interesting event will be the Workshop on the Industrys System of Expertise of Design and New Technological Solutions: New Approaches to Performance. The show and competition of technological innovations, TechnoShow, will introduce achievements of Russian manufacturers in developing new types of electrical devices and materials of significant practical importance, promising methods of their introduction and effective use.

June 8: Customer Day will have feature a Purchasing Centre where one can get to know potential suppliers and the information about management of procurement activities of customer companies. The regular Conference on Smart Lighting for Smart City will be devoted to challenges and trends in lighting technology in 2020, the concept of a citys unified lighting environment, and digitalisation and artificial intelligence in lighting technology. Procurement trends in the electric power industry will be covered by the Focus Session on Competitive Bidding: Development Drivers. The Interelectromash Association will organise the Conference on Forward Looking Projects and Development Trends for Electrical Machines And Insulation Materials. There also be a training for customers and suppliers on the rules and practices of conducting and participating in electronic procurements in accordance with the requirements of Federal Law No. 223-FZ of 18 July 2011.

June 9: Engineer Day will offer a Project Centre with test drives of CAD for power supply systems. The participants in the Technical Session on Advanced Design Tools for Power Supply Systems will learn about software products for solving electrical engineering tasks, optimising design processes. Basic electrical safety measures in electrical installations will help to identify and solve the problem. The Day will also feature the Panel on Electric Installation: Choosing Optimal Configurations, and hands-on sessions on creating and customising corporate libraries for information modelling, and calculation of earthing and lightning protection for an industrial building. A professional electrical installation competition will promote engineering and blue-collar professions, boost development of professional communities, and encourage introduction of advanced training standards and professional development. 

June 10: Manufacturers Day will conclude the Elektro 2021 conference programme. The Prientation Session on the Market of Electrical Equipment: Points of Growth will identify key elements in industrial competition, effective methods of working with DIY chains, sales channel development, and experience of successful distribution. The Day will also feature the Meeting of the Marketing Club of the Electrical Engineering Industry. In conclusion, the Rynok Electrotekhniki (Electrical Engineering Market) will announce results of the ElectroReklama 2021 competition and hold an award ceremony for its winners.

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