Press Release Elektro 2022

30 / 05 / 2022

30th Anniversary Edition of the International Exhibition for Electrical Equipment, Lighting Engineering and Building Automation

Elektro 2022 is an important event for the development of the energy and electrotechnical markets. It is a project with a 50-year history. Its history and experience of operating in radically different socio-economic conditions, a succession of crises and upheavals has enabled the show to retain its standing and strengthen its place among Europe's leading trade fairs in the field of electrical engineering.

In today's reality, Elektro will provide a comprehensive toolkit that will help every visitor, exhibitor or conference programme participant see the most complete picture of current trends and the vector of the industry as a whole.

In view of recent political developments, there is a trend that can be called Switch to Ours!. Leading manufacturers and suppliers of electrical equipment will show industry professionals cutting-edge developments and effective solutions in the field of import substitution in the electrical industry.

Dates: 69 June 2021

Venue: Pavilion No.2 (Halls 1, 2), EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia

Opening ceremony: Pavilion No.2, Hall 2, Stand 22A20, 11.00, June 6

Opening hours: 10.0018.00 on June 68, 10.0016.00 on June 9  

Organised by EXPOCENTRE AO

Under auspices of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Exhibitors: 150+ companies

Countries: 8 (Austria, Belarus, China, Germany, Moldova, Russia, Spain, Turkiye)

Foreign exhibitors: Altinsoy Enerji, Felo, EAE,  Orbis, Giovenzana, Isovolta AG, SFA Electric,  NE-AD, Tekpan Industrial, Makelsan, Kozlov Minsk Electrotechnical Plant, Belselelektrosetstroy, Terrazn, Yudzhen, etc.

Russian exhibitors: 130 companies from 7 federal districts and 27 oblasts (Finder, IEK, Pandora Led, TDM Electric, Allur, Velikie Luki Plant of Alkaline Acumulators, Grandmotors, GTR, Preora, New Industrial Technologies, ORTEA, Rosvacuum, Svaiprof, Simecs, Chuvashkabel Plant, Electroizolit, Texenergo, Absolut Technologies, Kopos Electro, Korenev Plant of Law Voltage Equipment, Krasnodar Plant of Reinforced Plastic Products, Meandr, Promenergo, Powerconcept, Spetsenergostroy, Relematika, Sonet Invest, Elektra, ELMA, etc.

Russian regional pavilions: the Chuvash Republic, Republic of Tatarstan, and Irkutsk, Kaluga, and Vladimir Oblasts

Products on display: a wide range of technologies and electrical products for the power industry, all types of manufacturing industries, construction, transportation, and urban infrastructure 

Conference programme

The Elektro conference programme will offer a wide range of events devoted to the industrys current changes and development.

Manufacturer Day will open the Elektro 2022 programme on 6 June. A special trend-zone will have a 'Switch to Ours' showcase of solutions that can substitute sanctioned electrical products and solutions.  'Switch to Ours'.

This day will also feature:

  • Workshop on stock balances: how to sell, free up warehouses and help buyers in the face of shortages, rising prices and import substitution

  • Foresight session on the electrical engineering market: substitute or import?

  • Workshop on protection of intellectual property in the context of import substitution

  • Conference on promising projects and directions for the development of electrical machinery and insulating materials in the context of today's challenges

  • Networking session on risks and opportunities for Russian production in the current environment. Anti-crisis solutions to reduce certification costs, effective sourcing tools for materials and components

  • Meeting of the Marketing Club of the Electrical Engineering Industry

The results of the ElectroReklama 2022 competition will be announced, and an award ceremony will be held for the winners.

On Customer Day on 7 June, the Purchasing Centre will host direct talks between customers and manufacturers and suppliers of electrical products.  There will be presentations of procurement plans for the range of products on display at Elektro and consultations on the preparation of bids and proposals submitted by participants in procurement procedures.

The Purchasing Leader. ELEKTRO award will determine the best customers for the electrical equipment presented by the exhibitors.  

Customer Day will feature:

  • ElectroMarathon customer and supplier speed-dating meetings

  • Conference on advanced energy solutions for industrial enterprises

  • Test session on effective purchases  

  • Award ceremony for the winners of the Purchasing Leader. ELEKTRO award

The conference programme will be concluded on 8 June with Engineer Day. The Design Centre will host a test-drive of CAD for power supply systems. There will be a Got Contact! quest for Elektro visitors. They will be able to see the latest electrical installation products and tools, talk directly to the manufacturers and suppliers of the equipment in use, and win valuable prizes from the exhibitors.

In addition, a series of technical sessions are planned. They will be devoted to advanced Russian information design technologies for electrical supply systems:

  • Digital design: software solutions for engineering tasks

  • Electrical installation products in commercial and civil buildings  

  • Choosing the best equipment for an electrical project in the context of a major reorientation of the Russian market  

  • Next generation smart panel: how wireless technologies are changing low-voltage package modules

The final of the competition for designers "Electro: From Project to Construction Site" will take place, as will the award ceremony for the winners in the Got Contact! quest.

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