Post Event Press Release of the 23rd International Exhibition Elektro 2014

14 / 08 / 2014

From May 26 to 29 Expocentre Fairgrounds hosted the 23rd International Exhibition Elektro, a major event of electric power industry in Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe. The trade show of electrical equipment for power and electrical engineering, automation, and lighting engineering was organized by Expocentre and supported by the Russian Ministry of Energy and the Moscow City Government. It ran under the auspices of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The trade fair carries the logos of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) and the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs (RUEF). The logos are an evidence of its international recognition and high standing among the industry specialists.


All the industry sections and development trends were represented at the Elektro 2014 exhibition on the total exhibition space of 32,394 sqm, bringing together power engineers, manufacturers and consumers of electrical and cable products. The exposition featured such thematic salons as Electric Equipment, Electric Power Engineering, Cables. Wires. Fittings, Energy Saving. Innovations, Lighting Engineering and Building Automation. Energy Efficiency.

The exhibition brought together 460 participants from 25 countries. National pavilions were arranged by the companies from Germany, Belgium, Spain, China, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Domestic companies and enterprises showed the potential of Russias electrical engineering.

The exhibitors of the Elektro 2014 show were leading foreign and Russian market players in the field of electrical engineering, among them ABB, C&S Electric, Dehn+Sonne GmbH, Dupont, EAE Elektrik Finder, Jung, Isovolta AG, Klemsan, Klinkmann, Lapp Group, OBO Bettermann, Phoenix Contact, Riello, Rittal, Weidmuller, WAGO, Vergokan, and domestic companies such as PKF Avtomatika, Kaskad-Energoset, Kursk Electrical Equipment Plant, Moselektromash, MFK Texenergo, Morosovs National Electrotechnical Company, NTT Group of Companies, Nizhny Novgorod Research and Production Association named after M.V. Frunze, RTC-Electro-M, Rosizolit, Electroshield-TM-Samara, Elinar, Electroizolit, Electrointer, Sverdlovsk Works of Current Transformers, Zavod Elektrotekhnicheskogo Oborudovaniya (ZETO), Energomera Electrotechnical Factories and others.

The ElektroPark project, aimed to support developers of electrical products and promote their innovative ideas, got its further development.

The Expocentre for Counterfeit-Free Exhibitions project, designed to minimize counterfeit products showcased at exhibitions, was carried out for the participants in the trade show.

At the Elektro 2014 exhibition Rosseti OAO and Expocentre ZAO signed the agreement on running the largest congress and exhibition event of electric power industry International Electric Power Forum RUGRIDS-ELECTRO.

It is expected that the forum participants will be leading foreign power organizations and Russias major companies. The forum will feature the international trade fair and a rich programme of accompanying events.

Elektro 2014 raised great interest among the industry experts. About 14,000 professionals visited the exposition.

Programme of Accompanying Events

Owing to the events programme, participants got great opportunities for business networking and discussion of the main industry-related issues.

They discussed the situation in the field of Russias renewable energy sources (RES) at the 11th International Conference on Renewable and Small-Power Energy2014.

The main topic of the 2nd International Forum, SMART CITY'2014 was Building Automation for Energy Saving, Comfort and Safety.

Participants in the 2nd Russian Business Forum on Electrical Engineering. Business Strategy'2014, held as part of the exhibition, were specialists in electrical engineering from 30 Russian cities and towns. Russias leading economic experts and top managers from the largest industry-related enterprises in particular ABB in Russia, Rosseti, IEK, and EKF Electrotechnica made their speeches at the forum.

The Elektro 2014 exhibition featured the 5th specialized conference on Lumen. Commercial Lighting Engineering2014; conference on Relevant Issues of Life Cycle of Turbo. Hydrogenerators and Large Electrical Machines, and other technical seminars and presentations of participating companies.

ELEKTROREKLAMA 2014 Award Ceremony took place at the Elektro 2014 exhibition. The winners were awarded diplomas, gifts and certificates for complimentary subscription to the Rynok Elektrotekhniki (Market of Electrical Goods) Magazine.


Elektro 2014 enjoys the reputation of a specialized trade fair, first and foremost, meant for the industry experts. Over 70% of participants are permanent exhibitors.

The participants and industry experts highly appreciated the organization level of the trade show.

Ivan Shveinov, Sales Manager of Electroshield Group:

Such trade fairs are very important for both technical capabilities and image of your company. People come to see new developments and find out about their further promotion. Global producers also participate in the trade fair. We can see what products are in demand at overseas markets and how we can use this information for the home market development. Such trade fairs are necessary for Russia.

Alexey Kalinin, Head of Regional Office of PKF Avtomatika :

Firstly, owing to this trade show we can promote our company. If we do not participate in this trade fair, our partners ask, Where is the company?, Whats wrong? Secondly, we put on display our new products and find out what is showcased by other exhibitors.

Nikolay Koltunov, General Director of Kristall Zavod (Factory):

Taking into account the format of the trade fair, we can say it provides job for our partners and customers who assist us in carrying out projects and deliveries of components and rendering engineering and information support. The companies staff worked for them, above all. We wanted not just to show what we can offer to our clients and partners, but also sum up the situation in this sector. Over last few years there has been a major technological and engineering surge.

The exhibitors reached their aims, because the organizers did their best. We would like to thank the organizers for it. Results from participation are almost immediate. At the show we arranged to have business meetings later on. The time spent here was used effectively. High-skilled visitors ask specific questions about specific charts, layouts and technical solutions. Their level is high.

Alexander Stepanov, Sales Deputy Director of NTT Group of Companies:

We participate in the trade show to maintain our reputation. NTT Group of companies has existed for many years. We occupy a definite niche in the energy market and our position will be better and better. We showcase a close control equipment of high quality. We use European manufacturing techniques. We hold ourselves as a powerful group of companies which can implement large projects.

Yevgeny Prokhorenko, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Head of EXC ZAO Subdivision:

Navigation and pavilions and are quite convenient. The venue is comfortable, cafes are open, and people are easy-going. We always bring innovations to the trade fair. People are interested in our products. Each company demonstrates its best products. Russian companies are well represented; import substitution can be seen well. Russian enterprises produce innovative products at a quick rate. I am glad to note that our manufacturers can effectively compete with foreign ones.

Roman Lysko, Head of Modernization Department of Cableware Production of Ostek Enterprise Ltd.:

Elektro is a milestone in the Russian electrical engineering. This event brings together all enterprises and major market players. It is a large platform for making contacts with specialists from other fields. We always try to showcase something special. Our stand attracts visitors attention. You can think up some interesting design solutions even on small exhibition space to draw the visitors attention. We meet new clients from other fields. We do not reach them out at other trade fairs. Our company is a sort of discovery for them.

Dmitry Skvortsov, Deputy Director General of Sales and Marketing Department of PLCZ:

We like Expocentre Fairgrounds very much. This venue is well-known. It enjoys high standing and has permanent participants. We meet new customers at every trade show. Every year these contacts bring us something new. At this trade fair we can not only attract new clients, but our old partners as well.

Innokenty Igumnov, Chief Specialist in Electrical Engineering Issues of EZOIS:

The results are very positive because people seldom see such a large showcase. Electrical machinery and high voltage equipment are presented at the same stand. The operator has an automated worksite. The idea was to show visitors how machinery is designed and why we need to train the staff that will service the equipment.

Igor Cherenkov, Member of the Board of Directors, Director General of RTC-ELECTRO-M:

I think the mapping of this trade fair is widespread. We have participated in the trade show for seven years. We are concerned about our image. We hope this trade fair will provide us with support from customers and Russian manufacturers with a view to import substitution. This trade show is interesting for us. We are going to participate in it in future.

Olga Nefedova, Head of the Exhibition and Convention Department of ROSSETI OAO:

The Elektro exhibition brings together a large pool of promising participants. They are companies, which can be of potential interest for our RUGRIDS-ELECTRO Forum. It was essential for us not just to take part in the exhibition with the stand representing our company, but with the stand which will be put on display at the forum. We wanted to tell about our opportunities and show them, and invite the participants to take part in our forum since the target group was the same.

Our participation was effective. A lot of companies interested in the Forum approached us. Some companies would like to showcase their products, others participate in the programme of accompanying events as speakers or listeners. We have reached our aims. Expocentre is a major company with a vast experience in running various trade fairs and its own venue in the centre of Moscow with many pavilions and an opportunity to expand the show. We are happy to cooperate with Expocentre. Top-ranking specialists work here; we can learn much from them. We are very glad that they have agreed to be co-organizers of the RUGRIDS-ELECTRO Forum.

The issues related to electrical engineering will be further developed at the Rugrids-Electro International Electric Power Forum. It will run at Expocentre Fairgrounds from October 15 to 17.