25 / 03 / 2019

Mosenergosbyt, Russia’s major power supply company, to take part in the Electro 2019 Purchasing Centre once again

Mosenergosbyt is a guaranteeing energy supplier in Moscow and Moscow region that supplies electric energy to other regions of Russia. The annual total electricity sales exceeded 82 billion kWh (8% of the electricity generated in this country). The service area covers more than 47,000 sq km and the customer base includes over 7.2 million subscribers.

Following the results of the company’s participation in the Purchasing Centre in 2018, Head of section of the Mosenergosbyt Logistics Support Division Vladimir Samoilov emphasized that the event provided an opportunity to discuss the issues that were better to settle face-to-face. He also said that Mosenergosbyt was glad to see not only its partners but also “meet quite a few new ones”.

The company representatives specified the most interested electrical products and planned purchases such as cable products at the amount of 30 million rubles; power transformer products – 50 million rubles; metering devices – 500 million rubles.


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