01 / 04 / 2019

EngineeringPRO electrical equipment cleaning technology

At Elektro 2019, EngineeringPRO will present a technology of electrical equipment cleaning by RainProf dielectric cleaning solutions.
RainProf is a resource and energy-saving technology, an innovative product line for electrical equipment maintenance and operation that helps solve cleaning problems for the whole range of electrical equipment in the optimal way:

  • in iron and steel, chemical, atomic, food processing, textile, coal, cement, engineering, agricultural, medical, mining and processing industries;
  • in urban, railway, air and sea transport;
  • in power complex generally;
  • in heat supply systems and housing and public utility sector.

The quintessence of the technology is that electrical equipment is subjected to wet cleaning by dielectric cleaners being sprayed over the equipment wiring and hardware components.
The cleaners capitally soften and dissolve even decade-old contaminations without any damage to insulation and contacts; inscriptions on process tags do not have an aggressive effect on metals, plastics and other materials.
A wide range and versatility of RainProf cleaners make it possible to remove any types of soiling on all types of electrical equipment:

  • electric board equipment (upper and lower sections, power and weak-current equipment);
  • transformers (all types);
  • microelectronic equipment (circuits, plates, blocks);
  • electric motor sets (all types and any power);
  • switchgear, switching devices, controls and circuit protection devices;
  • electric heaters, air conditioners and lighting devices (tabloids, traffic lights, etc.).

RainProf technology provides for:

  • electrical equipment cleaning without shut down (under up to 3,000 V voltage);
  • quick removal of up to 90% of all existing contaminants;
  • maintenance and improvement of insulation resistance including equipment working in humid environment;
  • insulation protection from failure;
  • removal of, and contact protection against, tarnish, sulfide film, mold and corrosion;
  • reduced risk of closed-circuit faults;
  • a considerable reduction in the number of accident situations and improved energy efficiency;
  • removing surface-leakage currents and reducing surface resistance;
  • equipment reconditioning after fires and accidents;
  • scale, soot and carbon removal;
  • a leading-edge approach in electric equipment maintenance.

RainProf cleaning solutions are free of resins, silicone, acryls, teflons and aromatic components. Electrical equipment cleaning by RainProf solutions will not change the intrinsic physical, mechanical, and dielectric properties of hardware materials and, accordingly, will not deteriorate equipment reliability.
The 28th Elektro International Exhibition for Electrical Equipment. Lighting Engineering. Building Automation is organised by Expocentre and supported by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, Spanish Association of Electrical Equipment Manufacturers (AFME), Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT). Elektro 2019 runs under the auspices of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry on 15 - 18 April 2019 at Expocentre Fairgrounds.

In 2012, in cooperation with European partners, EngineeringPRO brought to the Russian market its electrical equipment cleaning technology which had been promoted under RetisPro and RetsPro trademarks. In 2014, following the introduction of anti-Russia international sanctions, Russian companies were confronted with the problem of import substitution. EngineeringPRO decided to localise production facilities within Russia and CIS. In 2018, the process of production facilities localisation within Russia was completed. The import substitution process stimulated rebranding and creation of RainProf product line.
The Elektro International Exhibition has been held since 1972 and is a major trade show in Russia and the CIS in the field of electrical engineering. Its high standing has been confirmed by independent event audit. Elektro is the only exhibition in Russia and the CIS with a broad international participation of at least 25 countries annually. Traditionally, national pavilions are presented by Germany, Spain, China, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and India.


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