12 / 05 / 2017

Results of the V-th All-Russian Business Forum "Electrical Engineering. Business Strategies for 2017-2018”

On April 18, the Fifth Anniversary All-Russian Business Forum "Electrical Engineering. Business Strategy for 2017-2018” was held in Moscow. Over five years, the Forum has proven its worth as a significant business event in the electrical engineering industry that traditionally takes place as part of the international show “Electro”. The event general partner was IEC Expocentre. The event was organized by CEC “Imperia" with support by Sberbank-AST.

The Forum was attended by 318 delegates from 32 cities of Russia and the world - manufacturers and suppliers of electrical products; heads and managers of companies engaged in construction and engineering.

Business Forum Delegates

Speakers included leading experts in the field of electrical engineering, public procurement, recruitment, sales, and Internet promotion of companies, as well as well-known businessmen. They shared their experience, told about undocumented specifics of the industry, and outlined the vector of industrial companies’ development and promotion. They also answered delegates’ questions on the Forum sidelines.

Итоги V Всероссийского Делового Форума «Электротехника. Бизнес-Стратегии 2017-2018»
Pavel Gagarin,
ACG Gradient Alpha
Итоги V Всероссийского Делового Форума «Электротехника. Бизнес-Стратегии 2017-2018»
Boris Shekhter,
Итоги V Всероссийского Делового Форума «Электротехника. Бизнес-Стратегии 2017-2018»
Anzhelika Korneeva, ASD

It's no secret that the humanity's need for electrical engineering products is growing every year - gadgets have filled our life, people start changing their cars for electromobiles, and switch on kettles using smartphones. The industry representatives need to "keep pace with the times" in order to be in demand on the market. This was confirmed at the Forum by ABBRussia Vice-President Mikhail Akim. He explained what key technologies affect the industry:

"The electrical industry is developing and changing rapidly. Every year, the data storage memory cost goes down by 15%, the cost of solar panels decreases by approximately 20%, and the price of energy storage falls. If we take a look at the list of key technologies that affect any technological market, including our market, we will see that these are sensors. They also fell in price sharply. They bind us with such a trend as the "Internet of things". That is, if we can create a cheap sensor, we can apply everywhere the "Internet of things" technology.

The next thing that will certainly influence the industry is artificial intelligence, which is an opportunity for machine devices to self-learn. There is a transition to the service robotics and to those directions where it has traditionally been practically not represented: it has always been in demand in the automotive industry, and now it is in demand in agriculture, in production services. There are a number of technologies in the industry that are developing all over the world, and we need to learn how to apply them.”

Итоги V Всероссийского Делового Форума «Электротехника. Бизнес-Стратегии 2017-2018»
Mikhail Akim,
ABB Russia
Итоги V Всероссийского Делового Форума «Электротехника. Бизнес-Стратегии 2017-2018»
Forum delegates
Итоги V Всероссийского Делового Форума «Электротехника. Бизнес-Стратегии 2017-2018»
Questions from the audience

Here are a few more quotations from the Business Forum speakers that reflect the trends in the development of the electrical engineering industry:

Boris Shekhter (SPE EKRA):

"It is possible to talk about import substitution in low-voltage complete devices figuratively because many enterprises in Russia not only localize the production of low-voltage distribution switchboards of foreign firms or manufacture them under licenses and fill steel structures with imported devices, but cannot provide worthy servicing to customers. Qualitative supply of services, delivery of complete complexes required at the equipment facilities, application of truly state-of-the-art technical solutions will help domestic producers of electrical goods gain a foothold in the market. At the same time, suppliers should not only supply equipment, but also provide maintenance services during the entire period of operation, they shall be able to provide for training of operational personnel”.

Anzhelika Korneeva (ASD):

"In 2017-2018, regulation of the lighting equipment market by the state will intensify. At the request of the Russian Government, by 2020, 171 million lighting points with energy-efficient elements will be installed in public institutions. Also, 70 percent of industrial and 99 percent of street lamps by this time shall be changed to energy saving. In this regard, in the near future, the increase in sales of LED lamps and light fixtures will continue. However, growth of the lighting market can be called illusory, as it is increased in pieces due to the replacement of traditional lamps with LEDs, however there is a decline in currency.”

Dmitry Potapenko (Management Development Group):

"Quality must be worsened, a product should serve exactly as long as its warranty period lasts. The Mercedes of the 90s and the Mercedes of today are fundamentally different devices, because the manufacturers found the right approach, they realized that they take their work from themselves. While making "for ages", you steal the future sales, take away your own factory”.

Итоги V Всероссийского Делового Форума «Электротехника. Бизнес-Стратегии 2017-2018»
Dmitry Potapenko,
Итоги V Всероссийского Делового Форума «Электротехника. Бизнес-Стратегии 2017-2018»
Julia Tkacheva,
Итоги V Всероссийского Делового Форума «Электротехника. Бизнес-Стратегии 2017-2018»
Ilgiz Valinurov,
Business Connection

Sergey Eliseev (Management 911 +):

"We must simultaneously accelerate two components: firstly, we need to increase the marginal profitability, and secondly, to shorten the financial cycle. If we simultaneously improve by 20-30 percent both points, the need for working capital will fall almost twofold. If we do the same in sequence, we will not achieve the result. We must do it synchronously, in parallel.”

Petr Ofitserov (Ofitserov and Partners):

"We conducted a study and found out that the sales manager in an electrical company spends a lot of time on filling in papers, meaningless calls and development of reports for the accounting department, and only 5 percent of time is spent on sales. This time is too little. At least double it, and the sales will grow.”

Tatyana Sorokina (Unit-Consulting):

"To sell abroad is profitable. Export leaders are Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine. Iran, India and China can be called promising directions to sell domestic goods. Each supplier dreams of China, some customers entered their market, but it is necessary to take into account its uniqueness. Before choosing a foreign market to sell electrical products, determine production and consumption of electricity; evaluate the competition level, political factors, distribution infrastructure, currency control”.

Sergey Khudovekov (PaperPlanes):

"Digital marketing is good in the electrical engineering market. You must bring information about the product to the consumer. I'm often asked whether it is true that intellectuals use Facebook, schoolchildren and students - Vkontakte, and it's better not to visit Odnoklassniki at all. Of course, it is not true. The target audience in all social networks is about the same, only the content that we publish is different: it is better to publish business information about your products in Facebook, lifehacks in Vkontakte, and a simple description of your products in Odnoklassniki”.

Ilgiz Valinurov (Business Connection):

"How can I find a decent candidate for a vacant position using a standard ad? Why should I go to work as an electrician of a certain grade to a developing company with a friendly team? In order to find a good employee, you need to draw him/her into communication, into a conversation already at the stage of the job description. Start with the question "Do you want to visit the best restaurants in Moscow and be the first to try dishes from the chefs?", and not with the description of duties. Any employee that we hire wants, can, is manageable and safe. And remember that employees come to work to the company, but leave the manager. "

Polling of the participants showed that more than 90 percent of the delegates plan to participate in the next VI-th Business Forum “Electrical Engineering. Business Strategies for 2018-2019" in April 2018.


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