Salon (sector) Electric power engineering

  • Electrical equipment for power plants, electrical substations, transmission and distribution networks
  • Turbo generator, compressors, auxiliary equipment, gas turbine units
  • Smart Grid. Automation and teleautomation in power engineering; software
  • Design and engineering of electricity generating facilities and power supply systems
  • Electrical safety, occupational safety and protective clothing
  • Training

Salon (sector) Electric equipment

  • Power and instrument transformers
  • Electrical machinery and drives
  • HV and LV equipment. Cubicle switchboards
  • Wiring accessories
  • Converter equipment
  • Uninterruptible power supply units
  • Electric welding and electroheat equipment
  • Power tools
  • Technical evaluation of electrical equipment

Salon (sector) Lighting Engineering

  • Lighting systems design
  • Lighting systems for office space
  • Lighting systems for industrial facilities and warehouses
  • Street, outdoor, road lighting, lighting for construction sites and similar structures
  • Emergency / background lighting
  • Lighting sources:
    • traditional
    • semiconductors
    • inductors
    • light-emitting diodes
    • innovative (plasma, sulfur)
  • Technologies, equipment and materials for lighting engineering
  • Recycling of lighting equipment and electric bulbs

Salon (sector) Cables. Wires. Fittings

  • low, medium and high voltage power cables for stationary cable laying
  • control, communication, fibre-optic, special purpose cables
  • components and fittings for cable installation and routing
  • wires for overhead transmission lines, high voltage, communication, special purpose, winding, low voltage
  • cable terminals for transformers and switchgear, connectors, fitting. Fibre-optic component parts connectors. Components and devices for cable installation and cable laying. Equipment, tools and devices for laying and installation of cables and wires. Inspection tools and instruments for cable and wire laying and installation
  • cable and wire laying and installation technologies

Salon of Building Automation. Energy Efficiency

  • Building utility systems
  • Building automation and control systems
  • Security and surveillance systems
  • Security alarm systems, fire alarm technologies
  • Measuring and test systems
  • Automatic power metering systems
  • Equipment for centralized heat supply for industrial, housing and utilities facilities
  • Building design, engineering and energy audit
  • Resource saving technologies